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[u-kiss!fic] u-msn

title: u-msn
author: crissixx
rating: T
genre: crack
pairing(s): soohyun/kiseop, implied kibum/kevin, implied eli/dongho
summary: what u-kiss does on msn. you have to wonder how sane they are, really.

xander: hi, ga jeh. :D
victoria: hi! what's up?
xander: i'm coming to visit for new year! do you have any lor bak go for me? :D
victoria: oh, sorry, we ate it all ^^
xander: diuuuuuu! ga jeh, nei deem gai mm lau d lor bak go bei ngo ah! D:
victoria: you said you didn't swear!! >:OO was it eli? who taught you swear words!?


victoria: we left some candy in the candy box for you when you come back, xander.
xander: orly? 8D what type of candy??? sugus??? i loooove sugus. ^^~
victoria: durian candy!!!! ^^
xander: omg sis i hate you.
xander: almost as much as i hate durian candy. DD:<


kibum: get off my show hyung, omg.
hyungjoon: oh kibummieeee, you know that i'm the one that brings all your ratings up.
kibum: you are not dongho.
hyungjoon: but i'm the one that made you famous! :D
kibum: that is not true >: |||
hyungjoon: i googled "kim kibum" and it came up with shinee's key and super junior's kibum.
kibum: who the hell is super junior's kibum.
hyungjoon: then i yahoo'ed "u-kiss kibum" and it came up with hyungjoon's brother.
kibum: wtf is yahoo you freak.
kibum: and i still don't know super junior had someone called kim kibum. did he die a few years ago or something?
hyungjoon: why are you related to me again.
hyungjoon: if you can memorise all the members of super junior's names in a week, i will buy you something from louis vuitton.
hyungjoon: no.


xander: kibum, please tell me why we have such mean siblings again >_<
kibum: we're u-kiss. u-kan't-iscape-scary-siblings.
xander: T__T


anthony: what happened? :O
victoria: he said "diu"!
anthony: ...
anthony: ...
anthony: ...
victoria: what.
anthony: ...that was me, sorry.
anthony: i'm right in the room next to yours.
victoria: HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!!!!1


kevin: kibum-hyung~ did you hear? super junior's going to taiwan! can we watch them? :D
kevin: oh but kibum's not going to be there :( i like him
kibum: what.
kevin: you know, super junior's kim kibum? he's so coooool~
kevin: soooo...
kevin: can we go see them? :)
kibum: kevin if you ask that one more time, you cannot lay a finger on me for a whole month.
kevin: :(((( but you know you can't resist me.


eli: dongho, get here.
eli: you left a plate of spaghetti on my bed.
dongho: oh, could you bring it out to me here?
eli: hdu, i'm your hyung!
dongho: but i'm more mature than you.
eli: fffff, as if.
dongho: yes.
eli: why are you such a brat, omg.
dongho: i saw you on pops in seoul. i had no idea what you were saying but you were hella aaaawkwaaaard.
eli: gtfo.
dongho: :D


eli: dongho's bullying me!
kibum: orly? :D
eli: ...who are you and what have you done to kibum?
kibum: i'm kevin~ ^^
eli: bye.


kiseop: hi um
kiseop: i love you.
soohyun: i love you too.
kiseop: okay.
soohyun: bye.
kiseop: bye.


kibum: hey man i have a plan.
xander: RHYME
kibum: for real.
xander: about what?
kibum: to change u-kan't-iscape-scary-siblings to u-kould-irritate-said-siblings
xander: omg lolololol you are amazing!!!~


xander: ga jeeehhhh! i bought you a scarf~ ^^~
victoria: omg xander! <3 thank youuuuuu!
xander: but only if you buy me lor bak go and candy and icecream. and you have to treat me to yum cha!
victoria: ...i can feel my wallet shrivelling in terror.
xander: thanks sis! :DDD


kibum: hey hyung.
kibum: i have a fanclub.
hyungjoon: nothing compared to mine though! :P
kibum: oh really? how many members in yours?
hyungjoon: 24534634.
kibum: yeah, well, i have 24534635.
hyungjoon: ...!!!!!! WHAT!!!! :OOOOO
hyungjoon: impossible.
kibum: nah, screencap right here.

kibum is sending the file "i have more fans than hyung.jpg" to hyungjoon.
hyungjoon received the file "i have more fans than hyung.jpg"

hyungjoon: photoshopped.
kibum: nah, here's the link: http://u-kiss_kibum_fanclub.com
hyungjoon: impossible-
hyungjoon: what-
hyungjoon: hyungjoon, you got owned.
hyungjoon: this is hyunjoong by the way.
kibum: even your leader agrees with me :D
hyungjoon: i hate you all!!!!1 :(


kibum: hey mate thanks for getting nichkhun to tell all his fanclub members to join my fanclub!
soohyun: no problemmmmmmmm;alskdjdf
kibum: ...what's going on there?


dongho: hyung there are suspicious noises coming from soohyun-hyung and kiseop-hyung's room.
kibum: oh is that what he's doing. D:
kibum: ...he should thank me for setting them up
dongho: you should thank him for getting your fanclub set up.


dongho: hyung there are suspicious noises coming from soohyun-hyung and kiseop-hyung's room.
kevin: DDDD:
kevin: wait omg for real it's about time :DDDD


dongho: hyung there are suspicious noises coming from soohyun-hyung and kiseop-hyung's room.
xander: O___________________________O


dongho: hyung there are suspicious noises coming from soohyun-hyung and kiseop-hyung's room.
eli: ...what.
eli: omg tmi magnae tmi.
dongho: wrong response hyung D:
eli: oh okay.
eli: i'm in my room.
dongho: :D


xander: hey sis~
victoria: hey xander!
xander: someone accidentally gave the scarf to isak-noona ^^;
victoria: that's okay, someone accidentally ate all the candy ^^
xander: omg ga jeh ngo ho mm jung yee nei! T__T
victoria: joking lol, we have a secret stash
xander: OMG NOONA I LOVE YOU~~~~~~~ i was joking too ^^
victoria: lol i love you too dongsaeng! <3
victoria: btw... did dad accidentally teach you any more swearwords? <_<
xander: shiiiit, you found out?! O_O
victoria: ...


"diuuuuuu! ga jeh, nei deem gai mm lau d lor bak go bei ngo ah!" - "fuck! sis, why didn't you leave any radish cake for me?"
"ga jeh ngo ho mm jung yee nei!" - "sis, i really don't like you!"
and anthony is their dad, i think.
Tags: #oneshotwonder, radio_crissixx, x: for boy/boy, x: for laughter
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OMG this is amazing xD I love this xD Hyungjoon and Kibum = A+ and SJ's Kibum LOL there are no words for how awesome I think this is xD
thank you for reading! and yes, i bet hyungjoon and kibum have constant competitions.

--i had to bring suju's dead kibum into here somehow! : ))
omg this is LMAO!Esp the Eli & DongHo's part!
Make more!:3

P/S:Are you from Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore?
thanks for reading! glad you liked it : )

nah, i'm from hong kong.
XDDD And I have no idea who these people are, but this is some funny shit. XD You have gift for crack Tine-dearrrr.

if you can memorise all the members of super junior's names in a week, i will buy you something from louis vuitton.

Hell yes. ♥


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

this is A+ stuff!! was lol-ing my way through (thank god i gave myself a crash course on u-kiss a while back or i wouldn't have got all the references ^^ it just made the fic that much better :D)

and the pairings!!! and the canto-glish! devious dongho and haha at awkward KiHyun :DDD ♥
thank you! so glad you got the references bb!

canto-glish was so fun to write! and lol, had no idea how to write kihyun, so i just gave them the most awkward, matter-of-fact confession ever ;)

LOL The cantonese in this is AMAZING. ♥
Iluforever. LOL
haha, thank you! i'm guessing you're a canto speaker too? :D
OMO!! i love this!! Especially the differents responses for DongHo's question xDD

Awww hyungjoon's a bad sibling messing with his dongsaeng :3

You should writte more, this was amazing ^^
thank youu! good to know you liked the responses, haha!

and i bet hyungjoon and kibum bully each other all the time, seriously, ffffff. thanks for reading!
<3333 this!
writeee more please!
and lol at the dying kibum part, i'm not anti or anything but it just cracks me up reading that haha
using khun's fans as a way to bluff his bro! hyunjoong popping out of nowhere. LOL~
haha thaaank youuu! lol i know, i laugh whenever i see references to kibum turning invisible/dying/disappearing into another dimension anywhere :D he used to be my bias too!

ffff, i had to put hyunjoong in there somehow!
LoL at the Canto and I loved how I was trying to decipher what it said by reading it in my head.

LoL! Hyungjoon was probably spazzing when Hyunjoong tookover. =3
i do the same thing every time i see jyutping !

i'm still trying to figure out whether hyunjoong typed over hyungjoon's shoulder, or whether he hacked into hyungjoon's account. thanks for reading!
Um....like idk. To be truthful I kinda love you. xDDDD

And I'm incredibly in love with your Dongho, because that's just how I imagine him IRL. And I just love how you repeated Dongho telling all his Hyungs about SooHyun and KiSup's suspicious activities. Gawd, the kid is snarky with his words.

KiBum and HyungJoon's relationship xD I bet they do have these contests all the time. Geez, their relationship is so precious xD

Your Kevin and Xander were so spot on too! I could imagine them acting this out xDDD

Guh, and the Eli/Dongho. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. You support them too. &hearts
Goodness, they're perfect xD I love the way you captured their relationship kekeke. Lmfao forever at Dongho telling him to get his plate for him and Eli stating that he's in his room xD
awwhhh ilu too bb :') ♥

oh, dongho. he's such a tsundere i don't even know. and yes, i ship eli/dongho!

thank you for reading!!
Hehehe.. Xander in the begininng! I was like ":O CANTONOSES" YAYAYAYA

Aahahaha.. maknae being corruptedddddd!~! ;)


thank you for reading! : )
O_o What language are they speaking????

:(( I don't know.

Hahahaha to DongHo, he's such an adorable little turd. XD .....and... I googled
...nothing came up and I was extremely disappointed. lol
XD Cute story by the way. ^^
haha it's canto : )

kibum probably has a fancafe somewhere. thanks for reading!
(sorry for the extreeemely late reply!)


7 years ago

That was sick!! So funny!! I was all sleepy when I woke up until I found this. That was very good.
apologies for the extremely late reply!

thanks for reading, i'm glad you thought it was good : )


7 years ago

interesting thing
isn't he! : )

Suspended comment

thank you! : )
Аж читать приятно. Спасибо.
thank you! : )